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Serve!, Inc.

A project to feed the soul of our community.

Volunteer - Our most important member is the next one, the one we have yet to meet, but the one we would like to come join us. No dues, no stringent requirements, just a commitment and willingness to contribute through the act of serving.

Donate - Items we collect daily are: DVDS, softballs, Frisbees, beef jerky, puzzles, gum, toothpaste, canned fruit, granola bars, sunflower seeds, nuts, disposable razors, playing cards, books, snack foods, mouthwash, floss, lotion, deodorant, baby wipes, powdered drink mixes, foot powder, letters, and drawing materials, first aid items, canned goods, and monetary donations. Please bring any of these to Deborah at 35 Brook Street Noank, CT 06340