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Serve!, Inc.

A project to feed the soul of our community.

Sherrie and Jason accepting CDs from SERVE at the Johnny Cake Center Serve!, Inc. is presently providing the community with free music education. Education is one of the many purposes of Serve!, Inc. This season we are providing 3500 free CDs to area community centers for distribution to the community. We hope that the public enjoys the great sounds!

Mary Stebbins and Bill Wyld deliver school supplies to Human Resources department of the Town of Groton from Serve!, Inc. to be disbursed to students, Kindergarten through High School, in need.

Cherrie Hiles and Evie Robinson deliver educational supplies from Serve!, Inc. to "Grandparents raising Grandchildren organization". This project was in response to a request from Helen Grantskog of TVCCA for school supplies for students Kindergarten through High School.