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Serve!, Inc.

A project to feed the soul of our community.

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Many many thanks to Serve, Inc.! This morning Rona Mann dropped off at the office the 8 boxes to be shipped to Sister Arlene at the Sacred Heart Center in Quezon City, Philippines; apparently filled with arts and crafts, educational materials, medical items, your prepared lunches, books, crayons, and I'm sure many other items. Each box was carefully wrapped in brown paper and well secured by shipping tape.

What a joy this will be for the children, orphans, and young mothers at the Center.

The timing couldn't be better, because Atlas Shippers, Inc. just the other day, mentioned that they will be sending the next shipment this Sunday, which should arrive by Christmas.  

On behalf of Sister Arlene, many thanks for the time given by your volunteers, and the donations that you have continually provided to the Sacred Heart Center as well as to so many other charitable causes. I wish Serve Inc. continued success. With regards,

 -- David R. Meegan