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Serve!, Inc.

A project to feed the soul of our community.

SERVE!, Inc. was formed in 2008 by a handful of local people with one thought in mind: to become a service club where the emphasis is not on officers or social events, but service: locally and regionally.

Since that day, SERVE!, Inc. a 501(c)3 non-profit, has made an indelible mark by continuously shipping needed health & beauty aids, snacks, books, cards, games, etc. to our servicemen and women overseas. When the floods hit Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 2008 SERVE! was there with emergency supplies. When Boy Scouts were killed by a Midwestern tornado SERVE! established a memorial fund. When the shelves of two local food pantries became sparse SERVE! donated hundreds of cans of soup. And when military families were left in dire financial straits SERVE! raised the money to provide food, diapers, and other necessaries.

Serve! Inc. has established an ongoing program of support for Education, Federal Disaster, Hunger and the Military. Our mission is a commitment and willingness to serve our Nation.

Helping to equip One Room School Houses nationwide, preparing emergency Federal Disaster packets of personal items for those who have been rendered Homeless by fire, flood or other peril, Hunger, stocking the local food pantries and being “there” when a cry of help comes in and helping Military Families at home and afar who are in financial need. Serve!, Inc. has made major contributions.

Contact us:


35 Brook Street

Noank, CT 06340

(860) 572-4977