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Serve!, Inc.

A project to feed the soul of our community.


Our Mission:

Serve! Inc is a non-profit service organization. Serve! Inc’s purpose is to provide the local community and our nation with financial, educational, and emotional support as situation and available finances dictate.

At this time Serve!, Inc is engaged in collecting much needed items for our troops overseas. Additionally, Serve!, Inc will provide support in the areas of educational enrichment, hunger relief, pure water, relief assistance in areas declared a federal or national disaster area, and other various charitable endeavors.

What we have been up to:

A fundraiser, sponsored by Karen Dole at the Bridge Market for a family whose house burnt to the ground. Serve is assisting this family with goods, gift certificates, clothes, etc.

MEETINGS: Every other Tuesday at the Noank Firehouse. Call 860-572-4977 Deborah for the next date.

Guys, Thank you so much for the care packages. They are appreciated very much and everything will be put to good use.  --Tom UTCS(SCW/FMF)Thomas Sederback SENIOR ENLISTED ADVISOR, NMCB 21, DET BRAVO BALAD IRAQ

Severe snow storms in the Northeast bring additional need for assistance. Serve!, Inc. has been very busy in 2014 packaging Federal Disaster packages to meet the increased demand for assistance. Earlier this year Serve!, Inc received a grant from the Groton, CT Walmart to assist us in the purchase of items for our federal disaster packages. This grant has made it possible for our organization to expand it's assistance to match the increase needs. Fifty percent of our packages go to neighborhood lockers in the New London and Washington Counties. The other fifty percent are on hand to meet storm and natural disaster demands such as fire, death, hurricane, tornado and floods within the United States.